Goals for 2011

After getting tagged by Denis Gobo, I put my 2011 goals down on paper.

T-SQL Tuesday #13: Business Expectations

For this month's T-SQL Tuesday, I talk about things that can happen when management requirements and aggressive sales teams are faced with the realities of engineering.

Exploring THROW

I take a look at THROW, new error handling functionality in SQL Server 2012.

SQL Server 2012: Books Online

I highlight some issues with the 2012 release of Books Online, the documentation set for SQL Server.


I take a quick look at a featured emulated from Oracle : SEQUENCE.

Pagination with OFFSET

SQL Server 2012 introduces OFFSET and FETCH NEXT clause to help simplify pagination.

My bucket list

Following a couple of community pillars, I share my own bucket list.

Welcome to the jungle, CLR!

I've come full circle but in 2010 I sure had a lot of optimism for the common language runtime.

The pros and cons of learning

I talk briefly about the toll the rest of your short-term responsibilities can take when you immerse your self in valuable training that will pay off in the long run.

Bad Habits to Kick: The uber-view

I talk about creating a view that joins all the possible tables, and suggest that simplification isn't always worth it.

MacGyver moments

After getting tagged, I talked about a case where I tip-toed around a precarious and grumpy server for years.