Dating Responsibly
Dating Responsibly

This is a collection of resources involving date/datetime handling in SQL Server. Or, "why is Aaron telling me to use or avoid <x>?"


BETWEEN shouldn't be used for date range queries, period. I explain why:

Regional formats

Even yyyy-mm-dd is unsafe (see this db<>fiddle). Many more details:


@DateTimeVar + 1 is fine, but @DateVar + 1 is not. More importantly, datepart abbreviations like W and Y are downright dangerous:

Trimming time and other calculations

People resolve dates in lots of bad ways; DATEFROMPARTS and CONVERT are almost always the best approach:

Calendar table

More often than not, people are opposed to a calendar table, even though they take up very little space and solve so many problems:

Best Practices

And finally, a summary of several of the individual points raised above:

By: Aaron Bertrand

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