Connect digest : 2009-12-31

Like Hugo's immensely popular item pushing for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3, Steve Jones has created suggestions prompting new service packs for both 2005 and 2008: #522122 : Service Pack 4 for SQL Server 2005 #522123 : SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 2 In a predictability area, I suggested […]

Mixing OLTP and reporting using indexed views

I'm not a big fan of denormalizing, nor of repeating redundant redundant information in a database when those facts can already be derived from other information.  A classic example of the latter is when I see questions on newsgroups, forums or StackOverflow that ask how they can update a table's […]

Playing with page compression – for real

During maintenance windows and against test databases, I have been applying page compression to some largish tables (~200+ million rows, ~50GB).  These tables are heavy write and medium read, but all writes are inserts (no updates).  Clustered indexes are on a DATETIME column, and then on INT columns.  Since there […]

Cumulative Updates for SQL Server 2005 are available

Last week Microsoft snuck in some updates for the SQL Server 2005 product line.  Cumulative Update #7 for Service Pack 3 brings you to build # 9.00.4273, while Cumulative Update #17 for Service Pack 2 brings you to 9.00.3356.  The only fix for the latter involves MDX queries, so if […]

On software bloat…

This morning I decided to install Visual Studio 2010 on one of my development VMs.  I have several processes in our production environment where, for convenience, I have SQL Server Agent calling batch files that call C# command line programs, VBScript files, etc.  Some of these programs simply BULK INSERT […]

Connect Digest : 2009-12-12

Sorry I have been quiet recently; been working very hard for the past two weeks on a migration of an old, tried SQL Server 2005 database to a brand new 2008 cluster with faster SAN undercarriage, double the memory and twice as many CPUs.  I'll blog more about that later, […]

Giving Thanks

My career While I am no Kalen or Paul or Itzik or Erland (or… the list could go on and on), I am very thankful that I have been able to shape a moderately successful career around SQL Server.  More importantly, I am thankful that the market continues to provide […]

Connect Digest : 2009-11-25

Can we improve on CHECKSUM()? Mike C# is not happy with the reliability of CHECKSUM() and asks for a better function that has less (or no) chance of collisions. #513376 : A Better Collision-Free Hash Function for Comparing Rows of Data Service termination and fatal exceptions are bad, m'kay? Victor […]

Connect Digest : 2009-11-20

SSMS needs to support today's (and tomorrow's) number of cores Apparently when you try to get to the server properties page where CPUs are displayed, the UI is not equipped to handle 96 cores.  Man, I wish I had a 96-core instance of SQL Server handy to try and reproduce […]

What is so bad about EAV, anyway?

I see a lot of people trash-talking the EAV (entity-attribute-value) model.  If you want the full story on EAV, I recommend you read the Wikipedia entry.  Basically this is the situation where instead of storing the properties of an entity in a single row, you store it as a set […]

New SQL Server 2008 Cumulative Updates are available

For those of you watching over the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed an out-of-band, mid-CU-cycle update to SQL Server 2008 SP1.  The fix to a cluster issue was available only for the SP1 branch; RTM users had to employ a kludgy workaround (see the "WORKAROUND" section in […]