Interview with Kevin Kline for Orange Matter

I recently sat down with long-time friend Kevin Kline, who grilled me a little about my new role at Stack Overflow, our industry in general, and why we sometimes stay in jobs we don't enjoy.

2021 : The Year of the Exodus

In the midst of job change announcements throughout the SQL Server community, I have a little announcement of my own.

T-SQL Tuesday #123: Life hacks

This month, Jess Pomfret hosts T-SQL Tuesday, and asks us to talk about our own personal life hacks that make our day easier.

T-SQL Tuesday #121: Gifts

For this month's T-SQL Tuesday, I talk about an opportunity earlier this year to significantly change my career trajectory.

T-SQL Tuesday #99: Roundup

I recap a grand total of FIFTY entries in this month's T-SQL Tuesday. A lot of interesting submissions!

T-SQL Tuesday #99: Random collections

For my T-SQL Tuesday entry, I show off my hockey and football card collection, license plates from all over the world, and a very special collection of "Everything Happens to Aaron" books.

Same content, new home

Some background and disclaimers about moving my content from to

Goals for 2011

After getting tagged by Denis Gobo, I put my 2011 goals down on paper.

PASS conference stories

Reminiscing about that one time I caught Celko in one of his own traps.