2021 : The Year of the Exodus
November 5th, 20217
2021 : The Year of the Exodus
November 5th, 20217

With all the announcements of people changing jobs, I was starting to feel kind of left out! Look at all these community people that have made major career changes in 2021 – either within their existing company, to a different org altogether, or on to blissful retirement:

I apologize if I've left anyone out; that was just a quick inventory on my fingers (and toes; let's be honest). The point is: a lot of people have been making serious moves to better their lives and/or advance their careers. Kudos!

So why am I saying this out loud?

Well, dear reader, at the end of this month I, too, will be starting a new adventure! It's at a place I probably could have seen myself working at just about any arbitrary point over the past decade. No, it's not Microsoft; but I'll bet your second guess is Stack Overflow. I'll be joining Andy as a Staff Database Reliability Engineer, hopefully (eventually) filling some pretty big shoes left by Taryn as she heads off to make big waves at Microsoft. I wasn't aggressively looking, but this immediately struck me as a place where I could make a bigger impact than I ever could at Wayfair.

Also, direct database access will give me a much easier path to updating about 400 answers on string splitting, to highlight a recent and quiet change to the documentation: enable_ordinal is now available in Azure SQL Database and Managed Instance.

By: Aaron Bertrand

I am a passionate technologist with industry experience dating back to Classic ASP and SQL Server 6.5. I am a long-time Microsoft MVP, write at Simple Talk, SQLPerformance, and MSSQLTips, and have had the honor of speaking at more conferences than I can remember. In non-tech life, I am a husband, a father of two, a huge hockey and football fan, and my pronouns are he/him.

7 Responses

  1. Peter Shire says:

    Congrats Aaron! Keep up the good work and I wish you the best at StackOverFlow!

  2. Vérace says:

    Best of luck in your new venture! Go n-éirí an t-ádh leat!

  3. Congratulations Aaron! I know you'll be an excellent addition to the Stack Overflow team!

  4. galagladi says:

    Congrats, you forgot Marc Gravell.

  5. John Ness says:

    Congratulations! I hope you enjoy a fulfilling career over at StackOverflow.

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