T-SQL Tuesday #25: T-SQL tips and tricks

This month's T-SQL Tuesday is being hosted by Allen White (@SQLRunr) and is about sharing your T-SQL tips and tricks. Since I know many people...

Will you use EOMONTH?

When EOMONTH was first announced, I questioned its value, and thought BOMONTH would have been more useful.

[OT]: Dream cars

For some Friday afternoon fun, see my top 5 dream cars, and why.

Who created that user?

I show how to check for user creation details, and recommend a DDL trigger.

T-SQL Tuesday #14: Resolutions

For T-SQL Tuesday, I talk about my resolutions for 2011, including getting better at rehearsing presentations.

The fallacy of preventing plagiarism

If you're not living in a cave, you are probably aware of the blog posts and twitter discussions that resulted from an innocent post by...