Interview with Kevin Kline for Orange Matter

I recently sat down with long-time friend Kevin Kline, who grilled me a little about my new role at Stack Overflow, our industry in general, and why we sometimes stay in jobs we don't enjoy.

Mixed Extents Podcast: 2022.02.14

I was honored to be a guest on the most recent Mixed Extents podcast, along with my friend and colleague Andy Mallon, where we talked about patching SQL Server.

2021 : The Year of the Exodus

In the midst of job change announcements throughout the SQL Server community, I have a little announcement of my own.

T-SQL Tuesday #123: Life hacks

This month, Jess Pomfret hosts T-SQL Tuesday, and asks us to talk about our own personal life hacks that make our day easier.

T-SQL Tuesday #121: Gifts

For this month's T-SQL Tuesday, I talk about an opportunity earlier this year to significantly change my career trajectory.

Goals for 2011

After getting tagged by Denis Gobo, I put my 2011 goals down on paper.