And then there were shirts…

The story behind new SQLBlog-branded clothing (with proceeds going to The Trevor Project and Black Lives Matter).

T-SQL Tuesday #154: SQL Server 2022

For this month's T-SQL Tuesday, I talk about a not-quite-yet-announced feature in SQL Server 2022 that has the potential to function as a low-effort bad habit logger.

T-SQL Tuesday #152: Soapboxing

For this month's T-SQL Tuesday, Deb Melkin asks us get up on our favorite soapbox. I have so many, but this time I picked a new one…

Using goal posts to reduce scan impact

Logging tables get huge, and date range queries get more if they don't use the clustered index. Here's one way I've addressed the issue.

On Cumulative Updates and GDRs

Using a fictitious future timeline, I explain how CUs and GDRs differ and why build number alone might not tell the whole story.

Find a string in some or all databases

In 2015, I wrote about a stored procedure to find strings within all tables across all user databases. In this follow-up tip, I enhance the procedure to optionally include views and search within specific databases.

A minor CPU upgrade

Some quick notes on how easy it was to take advantage of falling Ryzen prices and give my Windows PC a little boost.

Building DBML syntax from metadata

I show how to piece together portions of SQL Server metadata to generate DBML (which is more useful than it sounds).

Interview with Kevin Kline for Orange Matter

I recently sat down with long-time friend Kevin Kline, who grilled me a little about my new role at Stack Overflow, our industry in general, and why we sometimes stay in jobs we don't enjoy.

String aggregation over the years

I talk about progress in aggregating strings – both in the functionality offered by SQL Server and the quality of my own code samples.

Mixed Extents Podcast: 2022.02.14

I was honored to be a guest on the most recent Mixed Extents podcast, along with my friend and colleague Andy Mallon, where we talked about patching SQL Server.