Exploring scalar UDF inlining

Some of your gnarly scalar UDFs will stop being in the naughty book when they can be inlined.

Table variable deferred compilation

I talk about the pros and cons of letting SQL Server wait to get a more accurate cardinality estimate from a table variable.

MERGE with caution

This tip was refreshed with status updates for some of the critical bugs discovered in MERGE over the years.

T-SQL Tuesday #102: Giving back

I give some scattered thoughts about how I have contributed to the SQL Server community throughout my career.

UNION and data type mismatches

Estimated data size as a result of implicit conversions can make a huge difference in the execution plan.

T-SQL Tuesday #99: Roundup

I recap a grand total of FIFTY entries in this month's T-SQL Tuesday. A lot of interesting submissions!

T-SQL Tuesday #99: Random collections

For my T-SQL Tuesday entry, I show off my hockey and football card collection, license plates from all over the world, and a very special collection of "Everything Happens to Aaron" books.

Same content, new home

Some background and disclaimers about moving my content from sqlblog.com to sqlblog.org.