The pros and cons of learning

This week I am at a training course put on by Paul Randal (blog | twitter) and Kimberly Tripp (blog | twitter) entitled "SQL Immersion."  It is essentially a 5-day deep dive into some of the more important bowels of the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Internals book they co-wrote with […]

Updated slide decks from SSMS presentation at SNESSUG

Tonight I spoke at the SNESSUG user group meeting in Warwick, RI.  You can download the slide deck here (this is a 3.5 MB PDF with presenter notes): If you attended the talk, please feel free to provide feedback at Today also happened to be a birthday […]

Yes, you can benefit from both data and backup compression

Earlier today, MSSQLTips posted a backup compression tip by Thomas LaRock (blog | twitter).  In that article, Tom states: "If you are already compressing data then you will not see much benefit from backup compression."  I don't want to argue with a rock star, and I will concede that he […]

The ethics of aggregating other peoples' content

Content theft Most of the recent – what I'll call – "discussions" about content aggregators have revolved around content theft.  I'm not going to flip-flop on that topic: when you use someone else's work, you ask first, and if given the okay, you cite it.  You can't take my blog […]

Bad habits to kick : ignoring I/O

In my last post in this series, I talked about problems associated with creating (and using) what I call the "uber-view."  This time, in line with tomorrow's T-SQL Tuesday hosted by Mike Walsh, I wanted to talk about some I/O issues that tend to get ignored in a lot of […]

Bad habits to kick : creating the uber-view

In my last post in this series, I talked about using ancient copies of Books Online, and why it can be important to keep your local documentation current.  This time I wanted to touch on massive and wasteful views that are re-used a little too much. The one-size-fits-all view: you've […]

SQL Saturday #33 : slide deck, recap and shout-outs

[Sorry I have been a little absent over the past couple of weeks.  Returning from the Olympics just a little over a week ago meant some busy catch-up and a heavy lead-in to today's event.] Today I spoke at SQL Saturday #33 in Charlotte, NC.  My presentation was virtually a […]