2023 : A year in review
January 1st, 2024
2023 : A year in review
January 1st, 2024

I didn't really do anything out in the community in 2023, but I did write a lot, and made some enhancements to this site.

Top posts for 2023

There were 34 new posts and over 170,000 views in total, and those don't count direct views of content hosted elsewhere. While my busiest posts continue to be ancient ones (like 18456 and MERGE), some top posts published this year:

Improvements here

I also made several improvements here, particularly during the final few months of the year:

  • made the side navigation match mobile nav
  • switched home, search, and archive pages from endless scroll to 48 posts per page
  • eliminated posts pointing to builds for ancient/unsupported versions of SQL Server and Management Studio
  • fixed or removed countless outdated links to Books Online, old MSDN blog posts, and Connect items
  • made heavy use of GenAI to replace almost all ~700 featured images (I blogged about a few examples here)
  • made all featured images conform to an 8×5 aspect ratio (for better gridding)
  • hid some Easter eggs here and there, mostly for bigger monitors – try a search with no results or a URL that can't possibly exist)
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