SQL Server 2014 Cumulative Update #6 is available!
February 16th, 20154
SQL Server 2014 Cumulative Update #6 is available!
February 16th, 20154

Microsoft has released Cumulative Update #6 for SQL Server 2014. This update fixes a few important issues exposed in Cumulative Update #5; see this blog post for some more information about those issues.

  • KB Article: KB #3031047
  • 64 fixes total (55 fixes listed publicly at time of publication) 
  • Build number is 12.0.2480 
  • Relevant for @@VERSION 12.0.2000 through 12.0.2479 
By: Aaron Bertrand

I am a passionate technologist with industry experience dating back to Classic ASP and SQL Server 6.5. I am a long-time Microsoft MVP, write at Simple Talk, SQLPerformance, and MSSQLTips, and have had the honor of speaking at more conferences than I can remember. In non-tech life, I am a husband, a father of two, a huge hockey and football fan, and my pronouns are he/him.

4 Responses

  1. Brett says:

    Thanks – so any material fixes that are not security related should always be in the list. Got it.

  2. AaronBertrand says:

    @Brett: As an MVP I have access to internal memos about service packs and cumulative updates. I've been given explicit permission to publish the total number of fixes, but not the details about any fixes that aren't made available through a public KB article (note that some KB articles are only available to MS internal or to premium support). Generally, fixes that aren't on the public list fall into one of two categories:
    1. Trivial fixes (like fixing a typo in a dialog).
    2. Security issues (where disclosure can actually be worse).

  3. Brett says:

    How do you know there are 64 fixes?
    And how do I know what the 9 fixes that are not disclosed are/are not affecting me?

  4. ALZDBA says:

    Tested install on my laptops dev eddition.
    Install went fine, but scratching head after instance startup :
    2015-02-17 09:31:13.47 spid28s     CHECKDB for database 'AdventureWorks' finished without errors on 2013-08-18 12:00:04.847 (local time). This is an informational message only; no user action is required.
    2015-02-17 09:31:14.56 spid8s      Recovery is complete. This is an informational message only. No user action is required.
    2015-02-17 09:31:18.37 spid43s     AppDomain 2 (master.sys[runtime].1) created.
    2015-02-17 09:31:58.86 spid9s      A significant part of sql server process memory has been paged out. This may result in a performance degradation. Duration: 0 seconds. Working set (KB): 2896, committed (KB): 113356, memory utilization: 2%.
    2015-02-17 09:33:09.72 spid21s     AppDomain 2 (master.sys[runtime].1) is marked for unload due to memory pressure.
    2015-02-17 09:33:09.72 spid21s     AppDomain 2 (master.sys[runtime].1) unloaded.
    ram 50% free, cpu usage low.