September 28, 2014 | SQL Server

SQL Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 3 is available!

Microsoft has released a final service pack for SQL Server 2008 R2: Service Pack 3. The build # is 10.50.6000.34 and you can download it here. This is essentially a rollup of all of the fixes from the 13 cumulative updates for this branch (if you want to get a complete list of fixes, start at KB #2730301). For the fixes specific to SP3, see KB #2979597. There are only two issues officially listed in addition to the cumulative update fixes; these include the security fixes from MS14-044 (also see the Release Services blog post).

There is no independent service pack release for SQL Server 2008 R2 Express; however, you should be able to apply the standard Service Pack 3 against any eligible instance. Also, Service Pack 3 will not be published using Microsoft Update.

Important note: this will be the last service release of any kind for SQL Server 2008 R2 (there will be no cumulative updates for SP3). So if you are not moving to 2012 and were waiting for some sign to deploy fixes, this may be it.

My usual disclaimer: this update is NOT for SQL Server 2008 (or SQL Server 2012). Only apply to systems where SELECT @@VERSION returns 10.50.xxxx, where xxxx is < 6000.  

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    • Chris Wood - September 29, 2014, 4:31 AM

      Also includes the MS14-044 security fix.

    • AaronBertrand - September 29, 2014, 4:49 PM

      You're right Chris, I've added that info (I was a little cautious mentioning it since the KB doesn't currently list it).

    • Eugene Karpovich - October 1, 2014, 11:09 PM

      And, as Paul White confirmed, the nasty RCSI bug has been fixed in this build.

    • todd - October 6, 2014, 10:49 PM

      does sql server 2008 r2 sp3 require a reboot or restart of mssql?

    • Shaik - October 30, 2014, 3:46 PM

      Yes, reboot is required.

    • Brad B. - November 3, 2014, 7:01 PM

      One issue identified with SQL 2008 R2 SP3 if you use SSRS Report Builder, and have previously installed SP2:
      Listed as will not fix.  The server-side workaround is to *uninstall SP2* before installing SP3.

    • Scott - March 30, 2015, 4:44 PM

      Have a question about this, we have a reporting instance (SQL 2008 R2 SP2) that has DB Engine, SSRS, SSIS, & SSAS.  Would report builder still work if I only upgraded the DB Engine, SSIS & SSAS to SP3? In other words leave SSRS at SP2. Any issues with this?

    • AaronBertrand - April 16, 2015, 4:23 PM

      @Scott I haven't tested it, and I'm not sure that Report Builder will launch in that scenario (it may not have been an update to SSRS directly that causes the problem, and I'm not familiar enough with that configuration or the issue to give you a thumbs up, sorry).

    • Vikas - April 21, 2015, 10:01 AM

      I have installed the SP3, however in between I have received one issue as NTservice could not start. Not sure the reason but the NW team was working some port changes. When I tried to start the SQL it did not and was asking for some resourcefile not available. Then I tried copying that file from UAT env and could able to start the SQL. But when I tried to login, I got message like "DB is in script upgrade mode, Only administrator can login". Without any option I had uninstalled it. Then after a restart I have installed the SP3 once again, it got succeeded. However when I try to use the applications, so many places I have received the error like " The instance of the SQL Server Database Engine cannot obtain a LOCK resource at this time. Rerun your statement when there are fewer active users. Ask the database administrator to check the lock and memory configuration for this instance, or to check for long-running transactions.****" . without any option, I had uninstalled the SP3 and then it started working. Any clue what could have gone wrong, as the same SP3 applied on UAT and has worked beautifully.

    • f fox - May 18, 2015, 6:04 AM

      Will sp3 download foe sql 2008 R2 resolve sql browser error message 8?

    • AaronBertrand - May 26, 2015, 7:33 PM

      @f fox sorry, no idea.

    • Karthikeyan Ganesan - February 24, 2016, 9:25 PM

      Even after applying SP3 and 1236 Trace Flag On i am seeing High LOCK_HASH. what will be the reason?
      SQL 2008 R2 SP2 CU5
              name collisions spins spins_per_collision sleep_time backoffs
      Before Run LOCK_HASH 13189 15799747 1197.949 15 4119
      After Run LOCK_HASH 25814771 9997979408 387.2968 11304 2386031
      SQL 2008 R2 SP3
      name collisions spins spins_per_collision sleep_time backoffs
      Before Run LOCK_HASH 5315 10747923 2022.187 15 1977
      After Run LOCK_HASH 33115495 12180347476 367.8141 12460 2560343

    • Olga - March 30, 2016, 6:46 AM

      Hi Aaron,
      I have an issue with MDW after SQL Server 2008 R2 SP3 applying. MDW database started to grow by several GB a month. Before that the MDW database practically had zero growth.
      I am wondering if I am the only person with such a problem?
      Will appreciate any help.
      Thank you.

    • AaronBertrand - March 30, 2016, 4:42 PM

      @Olga sorry, don't know, haven't touched MDW in ages, but you should determine what part of the database is growing – if it's the data file, watch table growth in sys.partitions to see what is growing so rapidly, and if it's the log file, check to see if the upgrade might have changed the recovery model, log backups have been stopped, or if there is a reason the log file can't be reused.

    • Olga - April 4, 2016, 8:40 AM

      Thank you for answering.
      In my case the data file is growing.
      The biggest tables are:
      snapshots.perfomance_couner_value       14 GB
      snapshots.os_wait_stats                 7 GB
      snapshots.os_memory_checks              2 GB
      snapshots.os_virtual_file_stats        542 MB
      Recovery model remains simple. Log file is manageable.
      Before SP3 applying MDW database was 600 MB altogether with 0 growth.
      Fist month after SP3 implementing MDW database grew by 9 GB.
      Now it grows slower but still much faster then in pre SP3 time.
      mdw_puge_data job works fine.
      I even reduced retaining period from 366 days to 60. No free space in database appeared.
      Thank you for taking time to look into the case.

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