Performance surprises: DATEDIFF

I investigate a case where two different methods of deriving an inline constant can lead to very different cardinality estimates.

Another argument for stored procedures

I talk about a subtle way that ad hoc queries can interfere with SQL Server performance by taking up more space in the plan cache than they really need.

Schema Switch-A-Roo: Part 2

I go into a little more detail about what happens to metadata when you use schema transfers behind the scenes.

Announcing SQL Server 2012 R2 and R3!

Microsoft announced today that their next two major releases, each of which contains a major performance-related feature, will follow a naming strategy similar to the 2008 -> 2008 R2 story. Read on for more…

Potential enhancements to ASPState

I talk about some potential inefficiencies here that you might not notice on low volume sites but that will start to affect performance as your web volume ramps up.