Connect Digest : 2012-07-06

I've filed a few Connect items recently that I think are important.

In #752210, I complain that the documentation for DDL triggers suggests that they can prevent certain DDL from being run, which is not the case at all.*/

In #745796, I complain that scripting datetime data in Management Studio yields output that contains a binary representation instead of a human-readable string. I suspect this is to avoid ambiguity but I guess someone forgot that there are unambiguous formats available (*cough* YYYYMMDD *cough*).*/

In #752629, I complain about the broken procedure sp_msforeachdb, which I've complained about many times before and have even written a more functional, alternative version that actually works. I really think they need an ultimatum here: either fix the thing or turn it off by default. The only downside to turning it off by default: this will break maintenance plans that are probably breaking silently anyway.*/


Aaron Bertrand

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