PASS Summit 2011 Resource List : What's New in SQL Server 2012

At PASS I am giving a presentation on Denali SQL Server 2012 – What's New in Engine and Tools. In previous blog posts I've compiled a list of resources and, now that CTP3 is out, I thought I'd compile a much larger list that flows somewhat like my slide deck.

Here is the deck and sample files:  

The second demo file, 11.SSMS.sql, doesn't really help you at all, since it was meant to be an interactive demo where I would show you visually what I was doing. I do plan to write a more extensive blog post on the snippets feature specifically, but some of the benefits of the new VS shell for Management Studio are ones you just have to touch and feel for yourself.

In any case, since I cleared out a lot of the noise in the deck (mostly links), I promised a resource list, and here it is – largely in the order of the slides. Please note that much of the content being linked to was written months ago, and that some of the information may have changed (and continues to change) – so may not be 100% in line with what is on the slide deck above.

Licensing FAQ


Books Online


AlwaysOn resource site:
PASS keynote video:
Bob Dorr blog post:
Brent Ozar blog post:
Leroy Tuttle AlwaysOn Solutions Guide:

Contained Databases

Custom server roles

Mike Walsh blog post:


TechEd Europe video:

Intro / download:

Programmability / SSMS

Metadata discovery / EXEC … WITH RESULT SETS




Windowing Functions

Itzik Ben-Gan: SQL Mag article / Tech Ed Video




Itzik Ben-Gan's post for SQL Mag


Spatial Whitepaper

Columnstore Index

ColumnStore Performance Tuning:
ColumnStore Index FAQ:
My blog post:

Full-Text Search : Semantic Search

Naveen Grag's blog post

List of changed system objects

Resource Governor changes


Joe Sack's blog – part 1 / part 2

Deprecated / discontinued functionality

Launch point for Denali BI resources


Download SQL Server 2012 RC0 (11.0.1750)  

SQL Server 2012 RC0 Developer Training Kit


Feedback / suggestions / bug reports*/

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