SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 3 is available!

Today Microsoft released Service Pack 3 for SQL Server 2008. The build number is 10.00.5500.

The announcement blog post from SQL Server Release Services team:


List of fixes:

KB #2546951 : List of issues that are fixed by SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 3

NOTE! The Service Pack does not include the fixes from SP2 Cumulative Updates 5 or 6. So if you are relying on any of those fixes, please hold off on SP3 until the first post-SP3 Cumulative Update is made available.

Most relevant downloads:
SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 3
SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 3 Feature Pack

Note: This is NOT a service pack for SQL Server 2008 R2. Please don't ask if you should install it on any server where @@VERSION is 10.50.x – the answer is going to be no. 🙂

Aaron Bertrand

I am a passionate technologist with industry experience dating back to Classic ASP and SQL Server 6.5. I am a long-time Microsoft MVP, write at Simple Talk, SQLPerformance, and MSSQLTips, and have had the honor of speaking at more conferences than I can remember. In non-tech life, I am a father of two, a huge hockey and football fan, and my pronouns are he/him. If I've helped you out, consider thanking me with a coffee. :-)

4 Responses

  1. Murdock says:

    would anyone help me to learn about sql server?? sorry, im newbie,.. thx.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Their enhanced upgrade experience really comes into play when you have hundreds of DB's. Took me 15 mins in script upgrade mode for 900 db's compared to 30 it normally took for previous sp's.
    •Enhanced upgrade experience from previous versions of SQL Server to SQL Server 2008 SP3. In addition, we have increased the performance & reliability of the setup experience.

  3. AaronBertrand says:

    Chris, really haven't had a chance to look at it at all… pretty busy preparing for PASS and I actually don't have a 2008 instance handy to do any testing – all Denali and 2008 R2 at this point.

  4. Chris Wood says:

    What do you make of the reference bug number 778341 in the list of also fixed? Is this the SCOPE_IDENTITY(0) problem with parallelism?