Connect Digest : 2011-04-25

I wanted to change it up a little this week. In every digest, I've pointed out a set of Connect items that I believe deserve more attention. What I fail to point out every week is the number of Connect items that actually get resolved with a fix. These are even less visible than the active requests, but I think they deserve some attention as well. Why? Well, almost every single comment on Connect is a neutral or negative comment. I think we could all be better about going back to some of these items and thanking Microsoft – not so much for the bugs, which they should be fixing regardless, but more so for the suggestions that we make.

Here are a few items where the issue has been addressed. I call these "Connect wins":

#424800 : SSMS : Expose "Connect to Server" MRU list to users

#484732 : sqlps and PowerShell V2 Issues (granted, fixed for 2008, but no word on 2008 R2 yet)

#615766 : [Denali SSMS] : Execution plan tooltip causes very slow behavior

#615767 : [Denali Engine] : Regression in query hint behavior 

#621445 : Extended Events to Trace Mapping Tables in sys schema in Master

#621656 : [SSIS Denali] Synchronous Executions (though closed as fixed, no official comment from Microsoft)

#631373 : Denali – Transaction_Log Extended Event Returning Incorrect Data

Now, there is still plenty of Connect activity that seems to get ignored completely, and several cases where the last comment (four years ago) was, "We'll look at that for the next release." Still others (like #524769) have lots of dialog, but almost all of it is useless, and of course there are countless items that have been closed as "Won't Fix" or "By [questionable] Design." But for the vast amount of content these folks have to sort through, I think it's worthwhile to thank them even for small victories.

Have a Connect win to share? Please post in the comments!


Aaron Bertrand

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