SQL Server v.Next (Denali) : Launch point for BI resources

Microsoft's new data platform vision for BI is called BISM – Business Intelligence Semantic Model.  While I focus primarily on manageability, availability and database engine features, I'd like to keep tabs on who can help you out with their input on the other aspects I rarely touch – Analysis Services (SSAS), Integration Services (SSIS), and Reporting Services (SSRS).  Since I'm not covering these areas in my "What's New in Denali" presentations, I thought it would only be fair to provide a decent launch point So here are some blogs, individual posts and other resources with great information – if you have any other resources, please let me know!  Here is what I have come up with so far, in no particular order:

Jen Stirrup has some thoughts on BISM that are definitely worth a read:


Chris Webb also talks about BISM and its unification with SSAS:


The AS & PowerPivot team blog also has some information about BISM and SSAS:


Rafael Salas talks about a lot of SSIS topics as they relate to Denali:


Robert Bruckner of the Reporting Services team answers many questions about Project "Crescent":


Chris Webb lists some great talking points about SSAS, with some excellent comments as well:


TechNet Wiki has some great stuff on SSIS enhancements in Denali on the new SSIS Catalog ("SSISDB") and usability enhancements:


Jacob Sebastien has created a "What's New in Denali" resource page that has plenty of BI-related information:


Watching the Denali tag on this site could be useful, even though most of the posts so far do not relate to BI:


While during CTP periods, Books Online is rarely in sync with the actual build that is out there, it can still contain quite a bit of information.  Here is the starting point for "What's New" in Denali:


And you can download the latest "offline" version of Books Online here:


The official SQL Server "Denali" site – more marketing than tech, but still useful:


And here is MSDN's Denali Resource Center:


If you're looking for help, the SQL Server community is a vast and generous resource. Post your question under the appropriate twitter hashtags:


And don't forget the TechNet forums:


Finally, if you'd like to provide feedback, submit suggestions, or file bugs, please use Connect (you'll need a LiveID):



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  1. AaronBertrand says:

    Stefan Bauer (http://twitter.com/stefbauer, http://stef-bauer.com/) recently presented a "What's new in Denali: SSIS" webcast available for viewing here:

  2. Arthur says:

    I think BISM should get its own, dedicated web site.

  3. Rafael Salas says:

    Nice write-up.
    Thanks for including my blog 🙂