SQL Server 2008 SP1 CU #9 is available

The SQL Server Release Services team recently announced that they have released a new Cumulative Update for SQL Server 2008 SP1: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/sqlreleaseservices/archive/2010/07/19/cumulative-update-9-for-sql-server-2008-service-pack-1.aspx This update will bring you to build 10.00.2789.  From the looks of the KB article, a healthy dose of fixes are made available in this update (a lot […]

OT: How to make a bajillion dollars

It's pretty simple: buy the penny auction software that QuiBids* uses, get a hosting account somewhere, and go to town. * or Swoopo, or BigDeal, or BidCactus… the list goes on and on and on… The money these sites are making is absolutely mind-boggling. Let's take a recent auction (click […]

T-SQL Tuesday #008: How Learning Has Changed

When I started my technical career, the only way to learn about programming was from books and magazines.  I remember writing my first HTML page and finding it quite similar to the Vic20 days, where you would transcribe code for hours; when you made a mistake, that meant it was […]

SQL Server 2008 SP2 (CTP) is available for testing

While I don't recommend you rush out and deploy this to your production instances today, it might not be a bad idea to get a head start on testing the fixes in SQL Server 2008 SP2 in your development and/or test environments. I have tested it on a few standalone […]

Splitting a list of integers : another roundup

Last August, I wrote a lengthy post about how I handle splitting up a list of integers that are passed into a procedure as a comma-separated list.  I am still using this method today.  But since almost a year has passed, and because there have been plenty of articles written […]

Welcome to the jungle, CLR!

I've always been very reluctant to use the CLR.  On a completely unrelated tangent recently, I begrudgingly threw CLR into the ring of a string splitting performance test (blog post forthcoming).  Actually, the reason I was performing the test at all was because of a couple of blog posts by […]