February 16, 2010 | SQL Server

Connect Digest : 2010-02-16

Simon Sabin has asked for better usability in the SQL Server Agent log viewer: specifically, to allow you to get to job / step properties directly from the history viewer.

#531889 : Allow access to job details from the log file viewer to improve manageability

Guru Itzik Ben-Gan asks for a more powerful QUALIFY() option to allow filtering on the same kind of query elements that you can currently achieve with ROW_NUMBER().  This one already has over 80 votes!

#532474 : QUALIFY – Request for a New Filtering Clause

Chris Howarth points out even more problems with the custom connection coloring feature in SSMS (all the more reason to use Mladen's SSMSToolsPack).

#533667 : SSMS Connection Colouring Not Implemented Sensibly

MauriD asks for the ability to include a NOEXPAND hint for CTEs.

#533766 : Make NOEXPAND hint usable also with CTE

And last but not least, user "7gartner" asks for the ability to store tempdb on local storage in a cluster.

#532759 : Support local disk location for TempDB in failover cluster installation

When I read the title of this item, I thought, "oh, he must expect that someone with an active batch that is using a #temp table, might be able to continue working in the event of a failover."  Which doesn't make sense because their connection would be severed anyway.  But when I investigated the body, the want is much more simple than that: allow a system to avoid having to use shared storage for TempDB.  This means not using valuable SAN space and using local hard disks, possibly SSDs.  A light bulb went on when I saw that, because I know that outfitting SAN-based SSDs at reasonable capacity can get quite expensive, but an SSD dumped into a server – at a capacity to handle the typical sizing requirements of TempDB disks – would be a much more affordable option.  (Paul Nielsen just wrote about using tempdb in RAM, and the implication on using this in a cluster resonates again.)

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    • Chris Wood - February 16, 2010, 9:12 PM

      Thought you were too busy at the Olympics to blog? Come on Canada
      Chris (in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

    • AaronBertrand - February 17, 2010, 10:28 AM

      Hey Chris,
      Some days have been hectic (like today, I drove down to Seattle and am now back in Vancouver), but as I find time on quieter, non-event days, I will probably try to squeeze a bit of time on here…

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