Connect digest : 2009-12-31

Like Hugo's immensely popular item pushing for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3, Steve Jones has created suggestions prompting new service packs for both 2005 and 2008:

#522122 : Service Pack 4 for SQL Server 2005

#522123 : SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 2

In a predictability area, I suggested that online index rebuilds should populate percent_complete in sys.dm_exec_requests (just like index reorganization does today):

#520072 : Online index operations should populate percent_complete in sys.dm_exec_requests

And on the consistency front, I've also asked for them to expand several DDL keywords to accept both NOWAIT and NO_WAIT, instead of one or the other: 

#520245 : DDL : support both NO_WAIT and NOWAIT

Aaron Bertrand

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