Connect Digest : 2009-11-06

This week I've been at PASS, so haven't spent a whole lot of time digging into new Connect issues.  There was one raised today where the new += syntax in SQL Server 2008 can cause a "server error occurred" exception:

#508471 : Severe Error using += in an UPDATE statement

The only other items involve enhancements to the model database.  I know that not everyone uses the model database the way I do.  In the architecture for a couple of the major systems I deal with daily, we use model as a very complex template for the creation in new databases (since they all start with an extensive but identical schema).  So I have several ideas around ways model, or at least the way it behaves, could be improved.

#322571 : Allow for multiple model databases

Oh, and for those of you that post code samples in Connect items, they finally updated this issue that I filed over two years ago:

#291393 : Stop ignoring carriage returns in textareas

So, no need to vote, just wanted to give a shout out to the Connect folks for finally fixing this long-standing and annoying issue…

Aaron Bertrand

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