Connect Digest : 2009-10-30

Light helping this week.  I am busy closing out a few projects (or at least chapters within projects) in preparation for PASS next week.


#506453 : Lock escalation no longer kicks in for INSERTs in SQL Server 2008

Adam found a nasty lock escalation bug in SQL Server 2008.  This one is actually serious enough that it has me really hesitant about my plans for moving to the new version in production, as we process a lot of data in bulk operations like this (loading millions of rows into staging tables, then inserting/updating existing tables).


#503207 : Bad query plan leads to wrong results (incorrectly uses indexed view)

In this one there is an indexed view matching problem which can produce incorrect results.  The fix is in SP1 CU1, so this isn't a "go vote for this issue" mention, but rather encouragement to get up to SP1 + the latest CU (which was Cumulative Update 4 at the time of writing) if you're currently sitting at SP1 or lower.


#504631 : add RAISE syntax for propagating exceptions

#127228 : Rethrow last error

#125719 : Support Reraising Of Original Error In Catch In T-SQL

A lot of people want RERAISE() and/or RETHROW() among other enhancements to error handling.  They are definitely looking at these changes for future versions of SQL Server, so have your opinion heard!

Aaron Bertrand

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