Connect digest : 2009-08-29

I had a pretty busy week, and did not come up with much.  I know, I'm lame.  I have a series of Connect items I'd like to file regarding AutoShrink, DBCC SHRINKDATABASE, and recovery models.  And I also plan to put Unicode compression through more tests, and will file any issues I come across there.  But between upgrading my machines to Snow Leopard, a birthday party and a data center move, this week was not the week for extra curricular bug filing.

Believing what sys.dm_exec_requests tells you

Fellow MVP Adam Machanic filed this issue a few weeks ago, regarding sys.dm_exec_requests and how the sql_handle can change behind the scenes while an index is being created (leading to invalid sys.dm_exec_sql_text results).

#478601 : sys.dm_exec_requests statement offsets wrong during index creation

Management Studio's service status polling behavior

I am sure I remember controlling service status (Start/Stop/Pause/Resume/Restart) for remote servers from the server icons in Object Explorer (right-click) or Registered Servers (right-click > Service Control).  I filed #418444 after 2008 SP1 came out, because I was positive the behavior had changed.  I must have been going crazy, because Erland recently reminded me that this behavior requires Windows permissions (and since my servers are almost all in a remote domain, I could never have had them).  Personally I think these icons should be better documented.  But there are plenty of Connect items surrounding other facets of the polling behavior as well:

#125850 : SQL Server 2005 SP1 anti-polling Registry fix needs improvements

#247367 : High CPU load every 10 seconds while Management Studio is started

#292598 : Unable to Disabling Sever State Polling in SQL Management Studio


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