Connect digest : 2009-08-14

I have a very short window to get this post out, so I apologize if I don't elaborate my justification for pointing out a lot of these issues to you.  Check the feedback items out at your leisure, and if you agree or disagree with the assessment, vote!

Blue-on-blue ugliness

Both Tom LaRock and I have been bothered by the unreadable blue-on-blue links found in several of the dialogs that shipped in SQL Server 2005 Management Studio.  We both filed items on the PBM / DMF evaluation screen, and Steve Kass went so far as to suggest that humans might not have been responsible for the UI development in this case.

#481566 : Policy evaluation screen is difficult to read

#281293 : DMF : use better coloring in GUI for highlight / links

A few other SSMS issues

I got hit by a few things over the past several days, and I thought I would point out the highlights:

#275512 : SSMS Help About Reports Incorrect Version Build

#425661 : SSMS : unable to register local servers

#472800 : SSMS : More flexible tab display

Synonym issues

This past week I had to deal with a bunch of issues revolving around synonyms in a QA vs. production environment, and it reminded me that there are a lot of suggestions out there that could be useful.

#288421 : Allow CREATE SYNONYM for <database>

#311079 : Expand synonym to other entities (database, linked server)

#338883 : SSMS : Include synonym in list of relevant object type

#338885 : SSMS : Indicate object type in synonym list

#339469 : Support synonym chaining, or don't allow it in DDL

#346042 : SSMS : unable to register local servers

#480489 : Overload sp_help to follow synonym

That's all I have for now; see you next week.

Aaron Bertrand

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