Connect digest : 2009-06-27

It was slim pickings this week.  One item I thought deserved some attention was one that was filed a year ago today, and the rest are collectively related items involving …


Clustering Enhancements

#353984 : Add support for multi-subnet clusters

This is one that has been lacking since SQL Server first started supporting clusters: clustering across subnets.  Obviously it can be desirable to have failover events cross rack or even data center boundaries.  I am sure there are plenty of other clustering enhancements deserving of more attention; if you know of any, please submit them!


SSMS and its finicky grid

The rest of the items I am offering up today involve the grid output in SSMS.  I wrote about my displeasure the other day, when the single value I was looking for was consistently being truncated and obscured due to poor decisions being made by SSMS about how to present grid results.  I can also show cases where the exact same query, during the same batch, will yield different column widths in subsequent (but identical) resultsets:

Wacky SSMS grid results 

So, here are four items related to this problem: 

#356926 : SSMS : Grid alignment, column width seems arbitrary

#230912 : Column names in grid mode is incorrectly truncated when font size is 8 or less



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