Connect digest : 2009-06-20

Here are the Connect items I'd like to draw your attention to this week.  I have abandoned the idea of trying to keep track of vote counts and overall rating.  Being lazy might be a small part of it, but it is mostly because I just don't think it makes sense to assume that my postings are all that influence Connect behavior.  I know I have some impact on the visibility of certain items, but I'm going to leave it at that.


SQL Server 2008 connection pooling problems

Something to watch out for if you are using connection pooling and SQL Server 2008:

#468478 : SQL Server 2008 Periodically Does Not Accept Connections


Statistics on partitions

As partitioning becomes more of a viable and beneficial option, new requirements are creeping out of the woodwork, such as the ability to update statistics per partition instead of for the entire object:

#468517 : Update Statistics at the partition level


DBCC SHRINKFILE() flexibility

While personally I think the need is not all that dire, some people want to be able to shrink a database file to a size smaller than the original allocation (which is currently prevented by SQL Server).  Joe Sack made the request formal:

#467285 : Shrink files beneath originally allocated space


Distributed transactions

Erland has filed a couple of interesting issues regarding distributed transactions:

#466739 : There should be a system function to tell whether the current transaction is a distributed transaction

#466749 : Cannot call stored procedures when a distributed transaction has been rolled back


Clickable URLs in error messages

Finally, Adam is asking for URLs in the messages pane (e.g. those you could embed in custom messages or ad hoc within RAISERROR) to be clickable.  I think it makes a lot of sense, though it is currently resolved as "won't fix"…

#454907 : Make URLs clickable in the SSMS Messages pane


Please remember, I am not trying to coerce you to vote for issues you don't care about, just trying to raise awareness for some items that might have slipped under your radar…

Aaron Bertrand

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2 Responses

  1. Alexander Kuznetsov says:

    The "Update Statistics at the partition level" seems to be right on spot. Thanks for digging it out Aaron!

  2. Chris Wood says:

    I always look forward to your Connect Digest as you have done the heavy lifting in finding the 'Bad and the Ugly' that has been recorded in Connect each week.