The Best Thing I've Learned at PASS

I have attended PASS for several years, and discovered at my very first event that this is an extremely valuable conference to attend. The actual technical tidbits I've learned from attending sessions and having conversations with my peers, PASS officials and Microsoft employees alike have been priceless, but far too […]

Connect digest : 2009-06-27

It was slim pickings this week.  One item I thought deserved some attention was one that was filed a year ago today, and the rest are collectively related items involving … ========================= Clustering Enhancements #353984 : Add support for multi-subnet clusters This is one that has been lacking since SQL […]

What to do when Management Studio hangs?

I have had a few occasions where I have been using Management Studio, and am suddenly and bluntly informed by Windows that I am demanding too much of the application.  Windows is probably right; and it is only partially due to the fact that SSMS can be a resource hog […]

An annoyance with Management Studio

I am probably speaking out of turn here (it is not Saturday, after all), but I was really annoyed with this SSMS grid problem today, and had to get it off my chest.  I was waiting for a log restore to complete, and periodically running sp_who2 to determine IO completed […]

Why is disaster recovery an afterthought?

I think that people have been lulled into the false sense of security that you can set up a SQL Server database, leave all the defaults in place, and never have to do anything.  While it is true that Microsoft has added many features to SQL Server that make the […]

SQL Server 2005 SP3 Cumulative Update 4 is available

Microsoft quietly released another cumulative update for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3 this week.  So quietly, in fact, that it took me 5 days to notice.  As Chad Miller noted in his comment, this is the first build of SQL Server 2005 that supports the "lock pages in memory" […]

Connect digest : 2009-06-20

Here are the Connect items I'd like to draw your attention to this week.  I have abandoned the idea of trying to keep track of vote counts and overall rating.  Being lazy might be a small part of it, but it is mostly because I just don't think it makes […]

Connect digest : 2009-06-12

Again I am a day early, as tomorrow I will be speaking at the CTDOTNET CodeCamp in Hartford.  As a reminder, I am not begging for votes here, just raising visibility for new issues you may not have seen yet, or older issues that have entered my peripheral vision again […]

Connect Digest : 2009-06-05

As I mentioned in last week's digest, I want to make it clear that I am not presenting Connect issues in this format in an attempt to tip the scales or pimp influence votes.  I am merely creating exposure for Connect items (bugs or suggestions) that you may not otherwise […]