Connect Digest : 2009-05-10 : please vote!

Sorry I'm a day late on this one; yesterday I was fully engulfed by Resource Governor stuff and a filter refreshing problem at work, and then last night I spent the entire evening away from a computer (for the first time in what seems like ages).  Anyway, without further ado, here are the items I noticed this week that I think could use some more traffic:


The ability to encrypt data in transit, not just in storage

Fellow MVP Greg Linwood suggests that we have a way to encrypt data at both ends of the pipe, not just when it gets written to disk.  Makes sense, since network traffic is just as susceptible to sniffing as disk, if not more so.

#444591 : Allow specific Stored Proc calls to be hidden from SQL Trace / Profiler*/


Inexplicable error when using @table with IDENTITY 

Mark Comeau reported this error in SQL Server 2008 SP1, which occurs under certain scenarios when using a temporary table or table variable.  The error message doesn't seem to align with what is actually happening, and the fact that there is an error in the first place is suspicious.  I smell a bug.

#441852 : SQL Server 2008 SP1 Error 4819*/


Viewing databases in SSMS

It has been an issue since SQL Server 2005 was first released: there is no way to prevent SSMS from showing me databases that I don't have access to, or from trying to access databases that are offline while trying to enumerate Object Explorer trees or Object Explorer Details lists.  There are several Connect items about this, but none seem to give the impression that Microsoft "gets it."  I think they constantly overlook the shared hosting scenario (as evidenced by the response to the third item below).  I happen to know that they do, finally, "get it," and hope that with some extra traffic on these Connect items (even though two of them are closed), coming up with a solution will become a higher priority.

#182665 : VIEW ANY DATABASE Issue in SSMS*/

#273830 : Need VIEW DEFINITION permissions per database*/

#404479 : Users can view all databases*/


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