Connect Digest : 2009-05-30 : please vote!

Here are some issues I came across recently; most involve SSMS in some way, though Erland's assertion suggestion is a great one. And just to be clear, since I am seeing some accusations of distorting the fairness of Connect by "asking for votes," I am not asking anyone to vote […]

Using a Mac in a Windows world

As a "SQL Server guy" first and foremost, I often have to defend my use of a Mac both as a travel and presentation laptop, and as my primary development workstation.  Today over on my work-related blog, I penned a story explaining my experiences, why I chose to switch platforms […]

Connect Digest : 2009-05-23 : please vote!

Here are the items from this week that I feel deserve some attention.  I'm also adding a little bit of analysis to this.  I am always curious if my vote-pimping has any effect, so I am going to start taking a note of the ratings at the time I publish […]

SQL Server 2008 SP1 Cumulative Update 2 is available!

Most importantly, this update includes the new trace flag that will allow users running Standard Edition to enable Locked Pages in Memory.  This is a huge win for a lot of customers out there.  You can read about this specific enhancement in this blog post by Bob Ward: There […]

Connect Digest : 2009-05-16 : please vote!

Here are the items from this week that I feel deserve some attention. ==================== Hotfixes / service packs should leave authentication mode alone I may have talked about this issue here before, I'm not sure, but I thought I was the only one who saw this happen.  This week someone […]

Connect Digest : 2009-05-10 : please vote!

Sorry I'm a day late on this one; yesterday I was fully engulfed by Resource Governor stuff and a filter refreshing problem at work, and then last night I spent the entire evening away from a computer (for the first time in what seems like ages).  Anyway, without further ado, […]

Connect digest : 2009-05-02 : please vote!

Here are this week's set of Connect items that I wanted to bring to your attention to increase visibility (and, more importantly, vote count).  Two are about SQL Server and two are about Connect itself.==================== SQL Server ==================== A cleaner and more reliable way to remove an instance of SQL […]