SQL Server 2008 Cumulative Update 3 is available

Cumulative Update Package 3 has been made available in KB #960484.  This will bring your SQL Server 2008 instance(s) up to build 10.0.1787.0.

The most interesting fix for me was the one mentioned in KB #958760: "FIX: You may experience issues when you try to expand the Databases node in SQL Server Management Studio, or the sp_spaceused stored procedure takes a long time to run in SQL Server 2008"… this is an issue that bit a LOT of people when SQL Server 2008 was first released.  See Connect items #354291, #362646, #383715, #354322, an entry by Desirée Harris @ OrcsWeb, and my previous blog post about the issue.  At the time there were dozens of other blog posts about this issue that I was simply too lazy to fetch when I was posting this entry.

There are some other interesting fixes as well; I suggest checking out the KB article above to see if you are affected.  As always, please request the correct patch files for your platform, and test before deploying this patch to production!

Aaron Bertrand

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2 Responses

  1. AaronBertrand says:

    Yes, go to the KB article:
    Read it first (so you know what you're getting).
    Click on "View and Request Hotfix Downloads".  Click "Accept" or the equivalent if prompted.
    By default this page will detect your platform and only show you the files for that platform (e.g. x86).  But if you click the "Show all" link right above the list of files you should then also see x64 and IA64 files.
    Check the ones you want, fill in the form, and you'll get a download link and instructions at the specified e-mail address within a couple of minutes.

  2. latek says:

    Is there Cumulative Update for x64 version of SQL Server 2008 or it is the same for all?