Troubleshooting Service Broker through SQL Server error logs

Last week I was trying to troubleshoot some activation stored procedures in Service Broker.  One nice thing about this framework is that it logs activation procedure errors in the SQL Server error log, since activation is not an interactive experience.  You will see error messages like this: The activated proc […]

My reasons for upgrading to SQL Server 2008

I gave a presentation this morning to my bosses and co-workers explaining some of the benefits of upgrading to SQL Server 2008.  I thought it might be useful to some of you if I shared my reasons for recommending this upgrade even if the cost is daunting. (Of course, it […]

I forgot how fun it is to set up a new machine!

Okay, this isn't really about SQL Server, but I have been building a new machine today, and it is easily the most powerful computer that has ever been inside my house.  In fact it is more powerful than most of our production servers.  The mere act of opening applications like […]