More on the recent rash of SQL injection attacks (update 6/3)

Fellow MVP Steve Kass and Microsoft's Buck Woody have some links and advice about preventing SQL injection attacks not only from affecting your data but also from affecting your users.  You can see the information here: And here: I agree with Steve wholeheartedly here.  Having your data compromised […]

Do you want IntelliSense to support SQL Server 2005?

Currently, the plans for IntelliSense are to support SQL Server 2008 *ONLY*… since it works against SQL Server 2005 in the February CTP, I was very surprised to learn that it is being dropped by RTM (and possibly by RC0).  This is mainly because of the time frame of the […]

When was my database / table last accessed?

A frequently asked question that surfaced again today is, "how do I see when my data has been accessed last?"  SQL Server does not track this information for you.  SELECT triggers still do not exist.  Third party tools are expensive and can incur unexpected overhead.  And people continue to be […]