Call a spade a spade! (SQL injection, or IIS vulnerability?)

In a recent blog post, Dancho Danchev mis-labeled a recent IIS vulnerability as a "massive SQL injection attack." Let's be honest here.  Yes, this alert needs attention.  But this is not a new SQL injection vulnerability.  It is simply an exploit in IIS that lets malicious users access your source […]

Using System Restore for Cumulative Update Rollback?

Just wanted to post a brief warning about expecting to be able to roll back a cumulative update or hotfix by reverting to a restore point.  In short: don't do it!  These two features are *NOT* designed to work together.  There are various complications with this and other methods of […]

SQL Server 2005 SP3 is publicly confirmed

Microsoft has committed publicly to releasing Service Pack 3 for SQL Server 2005.  Francois Ajenstat first talked about it very recently here.  While there were some casual mentions of the release in some responses to Connect items, I wanted to be sure it was truly public knowledge before I gave […]

I'll trade you consistency for meeting your deadline

While playing with the new Policy-Based Management (PBM) features of SQL Server 2008 the other day, I came across a really annoying syntax implementation that is going to trip up a lot of people unless it is fixed.  We all know how DATEADD works: SELECT DATEADD(DAY, 1, GETDATE()); Sadly, because […]

Why is the 8.3 filename convention still biting us?

It is 2008.  Not 1992.  Why are we still intentionally creating filenames that conform to the limitations of ancient DOS and Windows 3.1 naming standards?  This came up today in one of the SQL Server newsgroups, where a user was trying to find the data file for the Northwind database […]

SQL Server 2008 is getting close… I can smell it!

No, this is not a "funny funny, ha ha!" April Fool's Day post (though I do find those entertaining, and considered posting one myself).  This is for real, and it almost made me tingle a little.  I saw this comment from Eric Kang in a Connect item yesterday morning: "This […]