Casey Kasem is in the machine

Here's a neat database implementation.  Have a song in your head, but don't remember the name?  Got a microphone hooked up to that workstation of yours?  Then head on over to, where they have a database just for you.  With a very minimal segment of humming or singing (no […]

November CTP : Initial impressions of SSMS changes

[Updates below in BOLD.]On loading SSMS for the first time, I noticed a few things.  First of all, the row(s) affected message is now prefixed with information on the instance and login relevant to the query execution: As illustrated in the graphic, this information is already available in the status […]

Resistance is futile! The CLR is everywhere.

This week I picked up my new car and was a bit amused to see this on their version of iDrive: What's funnier is, like Java threatened to take over the appliance world 10 years ago, we're probably not that far off from having cars with embedded MP3 players and […]