Some SQL Server 2000 builds you may have missed

I used to stay on top of all the hotfixes that were released for SQL Server 2000, because our databases in that environment were victims of various bugs. But soon I felt that it was my "job" to share this information with the community, even though nobody had tasked me with that responsibility.

Now that we are mostly SQL Server 2005, we are victims to different set of various bugs. 🙂

In any case, I plan to continue contributing thiese builds as I learn of them and as time permits.

Build # KB # Title Date
8.00.2226 925684 FIX: You may experience one or more symptoms when you run a "CRE… 2006-11-20
8.00.2226 925732 FIX: You may receive inconsistent comparison results when you co… 2006-11-13
8.00.2223 925678 FIX: Error message when you schedule a Replication Merge Agent j… 2006-10-31
8.00.2215 923563 FIX: Error message when you configure an immediate updating tran… 2006-10-30
8.00.2215 924662 FIX: The query performance may be slow when you query data from … 2006-10-05
8.00.2197 919399 FIX: A profiler trace in SQL Server 2000 may stop logging events… 2006-10-18
8.00.2187 913991 FIX: Hotfix files may not be copied to remote nodes when you ins… 2006-09-18
8.00.2187 914439 FIX: The synchronization process may take a long time when you s… 2006-09-11
8.00.1030 872843 FIX: The Log Reader Agent may fail and you receive an assertion … 2006-12-07

Aaron Bertrand

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