July 25, 2012 | SQL Server

SQL Sentry is sponsoring a new blog : SQLPerformance.com

This week, SQL Sentry has launched a new performance-related SQL Server blog: SQLPerformance.com. I'm very excited about this new project, and I'm looking forward to some good information flow in both directions.

The goal is to present new and interesting solutions to some common problems, and to explore both old and new SQL Server features from a performance optimization point of view. You'll see a lot of posts there from me, but there will be other contributors as well. The first post compares various methods for calculating running totals, including new functionality found in SQL Server 2012 – but the performance of the cursor option is what might surprise you the most:

     Best approaches for running totals – updated for SQL Server 2012

You might be wondering, what about my blogging here? I plan to continue to contributing here on sqlblog.com the way I have for the last 6 years. My posts will focus on many of the topics I've typically covered in the past, including service packs, cumulative updates, Connect, SQL Saturday, #SQLFamily, user groups, SQL Server 2012 features, and various announcements from around the community.