Blogging from the PASS Summit Keynote : Day 2

VP Finance, Bill Graziano comes on stage in a great kilt (but white socks!). No Tina Turner this year.

1,000 people from 53 countries watched the keynote yesterday. He recognizes Tim Radney (@tradney) and Jack Corbett (@unclebiguns) for their outstanding volunteer work over the past year, and then congratulates Lori Edwards as this year's PASSion Award winner. 

Next he's on to financials. 45% revenue growth – over $5MM this year. Spending on community programs has increased by over 100%. He reminds us that the PASS Board Meet & Greet is Friday, 12:15 – 1:30, in room 307-308.

They show some videos pimping the various new features in SQL Server 2012. Brent and I have a running bet on whether "PowerView" should have a space. It turns out it does, but I suspect most will spell it like PowerPivot, PowerPoint, etc.

Quentin Clark, Corporate VP, Microsoft

Quentin comes on and recaps what Ted Kummert spoke about yesterday – large scale for all consumers. He goes over his "Fantastic 12" – top 12 features of SQL Server 2012:

1. Required 9s & protection
    SSIS as a server; HA for StreamInsight; AlwaysOn

2. Blazing-fast performance
    Performance enhancements in FTS, FileStream, SSAS & SSIS; ColumnStore index

3. Rapid data exploration
    Power View + PowerPivot; SharePoint administration and reporting alerts

4. Managed Self-Service BI

5. Credible, consistent data
    BI Semantic Model (BISM); Data Quality Services; Master Data Services

6. Organizational compliance
    Auditing; User-defined server roles

7. Peace of mind
    Distributed Replay Utility; System Center Advisor / MPs; Premier Mission Critical support

8. Scalable data warehousing
    Optimized & pre-tuned appliances from multiple vendors

9. Fast time to solution

10. Extend any data, anywhere
      Drivers for PHP, Java, Hadoop; ODBC drivers for Linux & CDC for SSIS & Oracle

11. Optimized productivity
      SQL Server Data Tools ("Juneau") for both OLTP and BI; deployment + targeting "freedom"

12. Scale on demand
      AlwaysOn; deployment across private + public; elastic scale (federation)

We saw demos of AlwaysOn, ColumnStore indexes, semantic search, backup from Azure, federation, and even DACPAC.

Aaron Bertrand

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