December 13, 2010 | SQL Server

Ola Hallengren adds STATISTICS support to his solution

Last week, Ola published a very useful update to his Backup, Integrity Check and Index Optimization scripts: the solution now supports updating statistics.  There are several options, such as only updating when the data has been modified and using the RESAMPLE and NORECOMPUTE options.  An example call:

 EXEC dbo.IndexOptimize     @|/4/>Databases                  = 'USER_DATABASES',     @FragmentationHigh_LOB      = 'INDEX_REBUILD_OFFLINE',     @FragmentationHigh_NonLOB   = 'INDEX_REBUILD_ONLINE',     @FragmentationMedium_LOB    = 'INDEX_REORGANIZE_STATISTICS_UPDATE',     @FragmentationMedium_NonLOB = 'INDEX_REORGANIZE_STATISTICS_UPDATE',     @FragmentationLow_LOB       = 'STATISTICS_UPDATE',     @FragmentationLow_NonLOB    = 'STATISTICS_UPDATE',     @UpdateColumnStatistics     = 'Y',     @OnlyModifiedStatistics     = 'Y';

If you haven't already tried Ola's maintenance solution, I highly suggest you check it out.