Run into me at PASS, and you could win a prize!

If you're planning on attending PASS, you should consider playing Twitter Bingo (put on by Quest).  Basically, you will get a randomized card with names and avatars of 25 Twitter users who post about or are otherwise involved with PASS and/or SQL Server.  In order to mark off a square, you need to find out each square's "codeword."  If you have my face on your card, find me at PASS, and I will tell you my codeword.  Fill out the card, and you can win a prize!

In addition, I will be attending a book launch / signing with several of the other authors contributing to the MVP Deep Dives project.  The launch will happen on Wednesday, November 4th, at 11:30 AM (here is the official blurb from PASS), in what is called the Spotlight Theater.  So in this case, you can't actually win a prize, but don't be greedy.  🙂  For more information about this book, the project behind it, and the charity it benefits (War Child), see these previous posts:



Aaron Bertrand

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