Connect digest : 2009-08-09

Sorry, I've been trying to keep this to a regular Saturday installment, but it was a beautiful weekend here and I just couldn't pass up on non-computer-related activities.  I have a short list of Connect items to draw your attention to this week. =============================================== Setup messes with authentication mode I […]

Whither art thou, oh Microsoft support?

UPDATE – 2009-08-07 9:39 PM EDT – the SQL Server Release Services team has published a blog post that reflects largely what I've said below. However, many questions are still unanswered. For example, they say that the fix for SP2 is not available yet, but they don't *really* say that […]

Processing a list of integers : my approach

It is a common problem… you need to pass multiple values into a stored procedure and, as a result, update multiple rows.  Let's pretend we have a table of students: CREATE DATABASE School; GO   USE School; GO   CREATE TABLE dbo.Students ( StudentID INT PRIMARY KEY, FullName NVARCHAR(64), ModifiedDate […]

Connect digest : 2009-08-01

I had a fairly busy week, so I did not get to spend a lot of time rounding up old, nearly-forgotten Connect items.  But I do believe I came up with at least one or two that you will want to vote or comment on… ======================================== Getting default parameters from […]