When will my backup / restore / index reorganize finish?

The DMVs are a great way to get a closer look at what is actually going on in your system.  In particular, for some operations, SQL Server populates the percent_complete and estimated_completion_time (in milliseconds) in the DMV sys.dm_exec_requests.  This can be very useful if you want to know how long […]

Connect digest : 2009-07-24

I'm a day early; sorry.  But I have a lot of interesting items to share this week. ======================================== More control over TOP (n) in DML This week I realized that the workarounds for affecting which row(s) are impacted by UPDATE/DELETE TOP (n) were cumbersome, and so I asked for an […]

More Cumulative Updates available for SQL Server 2008

Looks like dozens of fixes for SQL Server 2008 have made their way into another cumulative rollup; CU3 for SP1 (build 2723), and CU6 for RTM (build 1812).  You can get them here: Cumulative Update 3 for SP1:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971491 Cumulative Update 6 for RTM:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971490 So what are the main differences?  While […]

Connect Digest : 2009-07-18

I missed last week because I was having fun up in Canada… mostly without any kind of computer access at all.  It was a nice break, but now I'm back in the thick of things again.  So this week, I am going to try to beef it up a bit […]

Resource Governor slide deck from Charlotte SSUG

Last night I spoke at the Charlotte SQL Server User Group, and a bunch of people requested an online version of the talk, so I presented a webcast today at lunch.  Hope it was valuable!  Below I have attached the slide deck from both presentations, and welcome any follow-up questions.  […]

Resource Governor whitepaper is now available

Well, there are a couple of post-submission edits that I hope will be corrected in short order, but at long last, the white paper I wrote with Boris Baryshnikov is finally available for download from MSDN: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee151608.aspx The timing is great, as I am giving a presentation on the Resource […]

SQL Server 2008 Books Online update is available

Well, let me be more precise: there is an updated version of Books Online online.  As reported earlier by Buck Woody, the online version of SQL Server 2008 Books Online has been updated (we are seeing the updates now but the content was refreshed June 29th).  The download has not […]

Connect digest : 2009-07-04

I know most readers are out polishing their grills, buying hamburger buns and preparing potato and macaroni salads.  I am recovering from a pre-4th party, so here I am, groggy and online, finally not the host of Independence Day madness.  🙂 This week I only have a few entries for […]

Why is IntelliSense not working?

I see people complain that IntelliSense (new in SQL Server 2008's Management Studio) is not working.  Most of the time, it is for one of two reasons: The object is not in the local IntelliSense cache, since it was created recently.  You can fix this easily by going to Edit […]