I talked about Resource Governor (again)

Last night I gave my Resource Governor spiel at the New England SQL Server User Group meeting in Waltham, MA.  About 60 people were in attendance.  Unlike the last few times I've presented this technology to an audience (because friends and co-workers don't count), there seemed to be much more genuine interest… I think this has largely to do with the fact that Service Pack 1 is now available, and the light at the end of the tunnel is a lot more visible to some fellow DBAs.  There were lots of good questions; for most I had the answers, for a few I did not.  I always fear that I will do horribly in front of a crowd, and it usually turns out better than I had feared.  This was one of those occasions.  🙂

For those looking for the slides from the presentation, they are below, in PDF format.  If you want the PowerPoint slides to re-use for your own presentations, they are a moving target – so please get in touch with me directly (aaron [dot] bertrand @ gmail).

After the talk, I was asked to give it again at the CT DOT NET Developers Group in Farmington, CT.  It's a bit of a hike for me but I will probably opt in.

File Attachment: ResourceGovernor_AB_20090409.pdf.zip

Aaron Bertrand

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4 Responses

  1. Mike Walsh says:

    Great job indeed.
    I really liked the thoughts of the investigative uses of it that never occurred to me. If you happen to have Enterprise Edition (I am with you, wish they had that on standard) it is a great idea to create groups just to track some of the info that is exposed through the DMVs/Metadata Tables about RG. I really liked that to help plan for consolidation and get better idea for workload by app on shared instances. We don't do chargebacks but that info would still be great to display on a report up on sharepoint, let people see the impact of decisions at design and development time 😉
    Nice finally meeting you, also.

  2. cinahcaM madA says:

    Great job last night, Aaron!

  3. AaronBertrand says:

    Hi Bob,
    I am planning on posting a series of demos right here on this blog, as I finish with other related projects.  In the meantime, the links on the last page of the PDF should be helpful.

  4. Bob Frasca says:

    Hi Aaron,
    I was there last night and really enjoyed your presentation.  This technology will be particularly significant to those DBA's trying to manage an extreme workload with limited resources.  Thanks also for providing your presentation in PDF format.  I want to see if I can re-create some of your demos.