January 25, 2009 | SQL Server

New England Data Camp v1.0 : Resource Governor slide deck & demo files

I gave a talk at the New England Data Camp v1.0 yesterday, describing the Resource Governor in SQL Server 2008 : why you want it, how it works, some best practices and common pitfalls.  I have attached a ZIP file here containing the slide deck and demo files for a very simple scenario.  The file is 1.3 MB, mostly because of the slide decks (there is a .pptx and a .ppt).  I created them in Keynote '09 and then saved as PowerPoint, and apparently this doesn't optimize the .pptx format deck as well as PowerPoint itself might have.  Enjoy, complain, suggest improvements… I will likely be giving the talk again so I will gladly take your feedback.

File Attachment: ResourceGovernor_DataCamp.zip