An open letter to unsatisfied users on the newsgroups

Look, I know you are trying to use technology you don't quite understand, and you want someone to flip a magic switch and make it just work… so you don't actually have to read the documentation, perform an excruciatingly painful Google search, or basically learn anything at all about it.  […]

SQL Server 2005 Express SP3 might already be on your system

Early reports indicate that some users running Express <= SP2 are getting SP3 for Express pushed to their system automatically as an important update, rather than recommended, which means that some users are getting it without even knowing about it.  Even though the official Release Services blog states that this […]

SQL Server 2008 Cumulative Update 3 is available

Cumulative Update Package 3 has been made available in KB #960484.  This will bring your SQL Server 2008 instance(s) up to build 10.0.1787.0. The most interesting fix for me was the one mentioned in KB #958760: "FIX: You may experience issues when you try to expand the Databases node in […]

Linking data to user experience

Why are companies so bad at leveraging the data they have at their fingertips in providing a positive user experience?  I am never surprised anymore when I call customer service or tech support for some company and when I get handed from rep to rep (because nobody seems capable of […]

The wonder that is twitter…

When I first heard about Twitter, I thought, "ooh, there's another great fad that will die out in a couple of weeks."  I was mainly turned off because it just seemed like sending SMS messages to your entire address book.  Then when I attended PASS late last year, I came […]

Configure your Red Gate SQL Backup log folder

I stumbled across an interesting problem today.  One of our production clusters was starting to run out of space on the C:\.  I went in and expected to find the usual suspects: $kbuninstall$ folders in C:\Windows\, crap in C:\Temp\, people downloading huge installation files and leaving them in C:\ root […]