More info about SQL Server 2008 Cumulative Update 1

Bob Ward has posted a very thorough walk-through of the CU1 installation process.  He talks about some of the things they've improved with the setup of patches, and gives a bit of a teaser about about his next blog post, where he will discuss how they are making the patches […]

SQL Server 2008 Cumulative Update 1 is available

For those waiting for the first CU for SQL Server 2008, your wait is over.  You can get it in KB #956717.  The build # is 10.00.1763.00. As with SQL Server 2005, you can simply submit a request for the CU, and it will get e-mailed to you.  Be sure […]

Keeping sysdepends up to date in SQL Server 2008

sysdepends, sp_depends and sys.sql_dependencies Since my very first experience with SQL Server (version 6.5), I have used the system table sysdepends and the system stored procedure sp_depends to track dependency information in my databases.  The purpose of tracking dependency information is to allow me to determine which objects are required; […]