Performance Advisor : A Quick "Two Thumbs Up"

I have been playing with Performance Advisor, the new companion to the very popular Event Manager software from SQL Sentry.  Right off the bat, I can tell you that this tool should have Quest and Idera shaking in their boots, as it is really going to give them a run […]

Very important SQL Server update

There is a patch available for four elevation of privilege vulnerabilities recently discovered in SQL Server. From This security update resolves four privately disclosed vulnerabilities. The more serious of the vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to run code and to take complete control of an affected system. An authenticated […]

A little Management Studio "oops"

For those of you who connect to database servers where you are not in full control over all databases, or where some of your databases are ever offline (or auto-closed), the new version of Management Studio that is shipping with SQL Server 2008 is going to bring you some surprises, […]


One of the dynamic management views (DMVs) that is very useful in troubleshooting query performance is sys.dm_exec_requests.  The documentation around this DMV, however, is quite lacking in two areas. percent_complete This column shows the "percent of work completed for certain operations, including rollbacks."  Okay, great, now could you tell us […]