I would rather see SP3, but I'll take CU6 instead…

Cumulative Update 6 for SQL Server 2005 is now available.  This is build 3228. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/946608 Looks mainly like fixes to replication, reporting services, and analysis services.  But there appear to be some fun access violations and arithmetic overflow issues that are being fixed, too.

16 Changed Dynamic Management Views in SQL Server 2008

Yesterday Denis Gobo told you about 33 new DMVs in SQL Server 2008; previously, I had noticed that a few of the existing DMVs from 2005 had changed slightly.  So, Denis sparked my curiosity, and I ran the following query on a recent build of SQL Server 2008, which had […]

List of SQL Server 2005 post-SP2 builds

For years, ever since I started posting build lists over at aspfaq.com (don't go there now; it's been taken over by malware slimeballs), I have been complaining that Microsoft makes it very hard for us to stay on top of these things, and suggested on numerous occasions that they publish […]