November CTP : more impressions of SSMS changes

A little over a month ago, I posted some thoughts on a few of the new features in SSMS that I found (not) useful (see /blogs/aaron_bertrand/archive/2007/11/18/november-ctp-initial-impressions-of-ssms-changes.aspx). In addition to learning that the server prefix information was designed for multi-server queries, and that by RTM we will be able to suppress […]

Connect needs an "Ignored" status

The SQL team seems to have been quite busy recently, commenting on and closing out many bugs and suggestions that have been raised, I suppose as they close out work on the SQL Server 2008 codebase. Some (like Buck Woody and Bill Ramos, among others) have been very good about […]

Registered Servers become more useful

In playing with the latest CTP for SQL Server 2008, I stumbled across some new context menu items for a server group node in Registered Servers.  You can now right-click a group node and choose options such as "New Query" or "Object Explorer."  When I first saw the items in […]